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Love Sachet

Items needed:

leather or pink silk pouch
pink candle
4 white candles
catnip or jasmine
paper + pen
Cast the circle, then consecrate it with salt+water. Call the Goddess and God (optional), and the four elements. Place the 4 candles around the circle, make sure they're in the right spots for each of the directions ( north, south, etc...) Place the pink candle in front of you, behind the couldren. Light the white candles calling out their elements, then light the pink candle. Write down on a piece of paper what qualities you want ( cute, funny, etc...) Burn the catnip/jasmine then paper. Say 3 times:

I burn this candle to bring me a lover
I burn this paper to bring me a lover
I burn this catnip/jasmine to bring me a lover
Power this sachet with love

When everything is burnt down to ashes, put them in the sachet/pouch.
Wear aroung your neck all the time, and kiss pouch 3 times each day.


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