How do spells work? How does one perform spellwork?

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Spells work by sending energy to affect change in one's enviroment. The spellcaster must also be willing to allow this change to happen in their lives. Always examine all aspects of a desired chnge before working a spell. Ask yourself if you truly want the outcome....and examine how it will affect others.
One of the most important elements in working spells is feeling or emotion. The caster must truly want the outcome of the spell for it to work effectively. Spells that are worked in a cold, detached way rarely, if ever work. Without the needed desire and feeling, spells will become duds.

By infusing the spell with emotion & feeling, you are infusing the spell with energy. All things need energy to progress. A spell is no different. There are also other ways of creating energy for spellwork. One can create a chant that voices the desired outcome. By starting the chant quietly within, and then building the chant through volume till the energy is raised, you can release the energy, sending it to the desired conclusion.

Another way to charge a spell is through movement & music. These two elments of spellwork go hand in hand. Expressing a desire through dance can bring the magick powerfully alive. The addition of music in the form of a drum or other instrument, adds even more to your spellwork.

Aim is all important in spellwork. Without proper aim, the spell may go aray, thus causing all kinds of unwanted outcomes. Be specific in what you want. Visualize your desire carefully, seeing the completed outcome. Release the power when you feel you are ready to burst, allowing it to build to it's highest peak.

Plan carefully for the spell. Gather the tools, if any, that you think you will need before hand. Before the spell, allow yourself time to gather your thoughts. Meditate. Take a hot, relaxing bath. Dress in clothes that aid your magical workings. Candles & incense also aid in triggering the body to prepare for the work ahead.

Another important aspect of spellcraft is timing. Using the cycles of nature can infuse a spell with the proper energies, thus giving the spell an added boost. The moon's waxing & waning can signal the best times to work certain spells. A rough outline would be:

new: beginning new projects, starting a spell
waxing to full: spells for growth, prosperity
waning to dark: banishing, endings

Infusing your spells with energies of colors, herbs, symbols, & stones. Each object can imbue a quality to the spell that can aid in it's working.

Knot Magic
Knot magic is an old method of spellwork. It is one method to store energy in the knots ties that is later released to effect the desired outcome. To work knot magic, obtain a cord 9 feet long and of a natural material. Choose a desired color that will aid in amplifing your spell. You can also burn an appropriate incence and candle during the spellwork. As you tie each not remember to infuse the enrgy and emotion into each knot as it is being ties.
Beginning at one end tie the first knot and proceed up the cord saying:

By knot of one this spell's begun
By knot of two, it cometh true
By knot of three, so mote it be
By knot of four, this power I store
By knot of five, this spell's alive
By knot of six, this spell I fix
By knot of seven, events I'll leaven
By knot of eight, it will be fate
By knot of nine, what's done is mine
At the last knot, all the remaining energy is directed into the coed. I also like to charge the whole cord one more time. Store the cord in a safe place where it will not be disturbed. When the moon is in it's appropiate phase, it is time to release the magic. Starting at the first knot, the very first on tied, untie it on the first day. Proceed to the second knot on the second day and so forth, until all the knots are released over nine consecutive days.

You can know clear the cord and store it for later use.

Candle Magic
Another popular method of spellwork is candle magic. Accessability to candles can be obtained at just about any store. I prefer to use beeswax candles whenever possible as I like the smell & texture of these candles. Choose the proper color of candle for your intent. In a pinch, white can substitute for any working.
Anointing the candle with oil, also known as "dressing the candle," is the next step. Dress the candles with olive oil or an oil that will aid your intent. Dressing the candle consists of starting at the middle of the cadle with a small amount of oil on your fingertips and working your way to the top. While you are working the oil onto the candle, send the energy and visualized out come into the candle. Next, working from the middle, work your way down the candle, repeating the same process.

Another aid in working candle magic is to draw a symbol that represents your desire on the candle. These symbols can be things that have special meaning for you or you can use other symbols such as runes or ogham script.

Set your altar up with the candle or candles on it. Create a ritual that is best suited to your needs. After the rite sit quietly for a short time and blow the candle out. Each day, sit before your altar, light the candle, and visualize your intention. Do this until the candle is gone.

Creating & Customizing Your Spells
Creating your own spells can be an adventure. During the process of creation, one can truly search themselves as to why such a spell is needed. This can influence an aid your spellwork. Creating a spell can be simple or elaborate. If you are new to spellwork, you can use spells found in books and adapt them to your own needs.

Include elements that are important to you. If you feel that certain objects will aid your working, use them. There are no authorities here, only experimenters.

A Final Word

While working spells can aid you in your life, spells do little if you do not follow through, If you create a spell to help you find a job, you won't find a job sitting in your house dreaming that it will fall in your lap. Enable the energy by doing your part. Read the want ads. Mail out your resume. Be available for job interviews. To often people think that the working of a spell will dramatically change their lives. And they can. But you must be willing to do your part to aid the spell in it's working.

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